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Tomorrow Starts Today

Scale your company and leadership with strategic management consulting and executive coaching.

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Accelerate Your Progress Toward The Future You Care About

Reaching uncharted horizons requires a new perspective.

Our strategic advisory and leadership coaching services help purpose-driven executives become generative leaders, build high performing teams, and create growth cadence to realize their future vision.


Structured, Methodical, Human-Centered Frameworks  

Expand Leadership Capability

Elevate individual and team perspectives of their collective potential and equip them with the skills they need to lead.

Create A Culture Of Shared Care

Align your people in purpose, values, and goals to reduce friction and increase productivity across your organization.

Adopt Strategic Management Processes

Create strategic focus, clarity and a system of execution to deliver exceptional results.

Build your future by design with Futurity Resources


The Growth Architect

From strategies to tactics and local to global views, Rick provides an architectural perspective on how to evolve your leadership and organization and empower your people with processes and tools to scale.


With thirty years' experience leading high performing teams as a Naval Officer and Microsoft Executive, Rick brings an uncommon clarity for how to bring out the potential of individuals and teams to envision new possibilities and achieve audacious goals.

With Rick as your guide, you get both a confident, intellectual sparring partner and an experienced, technical designer to tackle complex problems and expand your company's capacity to grow. 



Jean Thompson | CEO Seattle Chocolate Company

I would definitely recommend Rick to any company that's growing and needs a little direction on which levers to pull in order to move in the right direction. He’s your equal or smarter, and he adds enormous value along the way. He's not a conductor; he's a coach and he'll come up with examples from his exposure to other clients or just living in the world.”

Start Creating Your Future Today

It begins with your company’s Futurity Assessment. Gain clarity of your company’s growth potential — receive a complimentary consultation from Scaling Up Certified Coach, Rick Maguire.

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