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A Strategic Advisory Case Study: 

Sound Strategic Execution Structure For High Performance


Bill Glasby, CIO Heritage Bank


Sudden growth can quickly lead to an outdated strategic management system and practice. This case study shows how Rick Maguire helped an established bank up-level how they plan and execute for company-wide goals and begin the process of evolving their strategic planning process to keep pace with their growth initiative.


"We needed a better framework for defining who we are into a competitive advantage so that the executive team could rally toward the same goals."

Bill Glasby | CIO Heritage Bank


Bill Glasby | CIO Heritage Bank

I am fairly new to the bank joining two years ago as an executive team member. Although we are a 90-year-old company, the majority of our growth has happened over the last decade. This created a huge need to update our strategic management capabilities. 


As head of technology, I’m looking to make significant investments for the bank. This requires a lot of prioritization and road mapping to do it in the right order so that it is affordable. These are important decisions, and I need a way to make them so that the decisions are made according to the business needs.


I discovered that our existing strategic planning process wasn’t specific enough to guide decision making and planning for long-term technology investments.  We needed a better framework for defining who we are into a competitive advantage so that the executive team could rally toward the same goals.


Rick presented an interesting twist on executive development by teaching the leadership teams how to structure strategic think tanks. Although he isn’t a banking industry expert, his approach to strategic planning and performance management made it easy for us to get into complicated conversations and stay in them in a productive way. 


Rick is a smart, well-educated guy who is current with his methodologies. He successfully helped us adopt the OKR methodology. I especially appreciated Rick’s communication style. He listens well and guided the conversations in the right direction. He is very thorough and offers a holistic read on situations coming from his depth of breadth of experience within complex organizations. I would recommend working with Rick to any team needing help with strategic structure and leadership development. 

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